TvHeadend + multiswitch + TBS6909x

Added by Tomislav Budic 7 months ago

Hi everyone,
I have TBS MOI PRO + TBS6909x + standalone multiswitch 13/12(see atachment for my setup), centos, tvheadend

I have tried everything from official manuals, but cannot set it up, cannot get signal on any input.
I have checked cables with standalone dvbs receiver, they all work.
So please, if anyone have similar setup like i do, can you post your setup in tvheadend

Official manuals are very confusing to me (specially regarding mode0, mode1, mode2) and my linux knowledge is limited.

any help would be great for me, because i am stuck

thank you


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RE: TvHeadend + multiswitch + TBS6909x - Added by Marc Ominus about 2 months ago

Did you manage to set up the card?

Reading the description for the card:

Connections: PCI Express - 4x RF IN

TBS6909 has 8 Tuners & Demodulators, but it only has 4 inputs, because it has a multiswitch inside,
defining 4 inputs to receive 4 single polarity signals( Input0=VL; Input 1=VH; Input 2=HL; Input3=HH)

So if I understand this properly, allowing you to receive input from multiswitch that has 4 satellites connected?
(Sat A - VL, VH, HL, HH),
(Sat B - VL, VH, HL, HH),
(Sat C - VL, VH, HL, HH),
(Sat D - VL, VH, HL, HH).

How do you get that amount of coax cables from the roof inside your house?

RE: TvHeadend + multiswitch + TBS6909x - Added by saen acro about 2 months ago

There is a 3 variants
A. quad RF cable /color separated inside fore easy management/
B. 4 indipendent cables
C. optical LNB