TVheadend + asrock j5005 + Digital Devices Max SX8

Added by Marcel Holland about 1 year ago

Hi everyone,

As this software and this forum helped me out in building my setup, this post is for sharing my setup.

Case : Inter Tech 1U K-125L
Mainbord : Asrock J5005 ITX
Memory : 2x 4G
Tuner : Digital Devices Max SX8
System : DVB-S(2)
LNB : Triple head quad ( Astra 19, Astra 23, Astra 28 )
OS : Opensuse Leap 15.3
Cardreader : Smartreader Plus

Plus an extra riser card and a SSD for some storage

I have previously ran Fedora on this board for zoneminder but the board is a little light for the amount of camera's needed. A big reason to build this server is the fact I need to move the satelite dish to the other part of the house as it has no clear line of view. Some trees in the summer block the signal.

The OS just easily recognised all components on first run. Oscam can be downloadend and build with the instructions in the README files. For oscam there is currently not yet a systemd service file, so I created one with a oneshot rule pointing to the binary in the Distribution directory. Opensuse provides TVheadend in their repository, so a simple "sudo zypper in tvheadend" wil do and gives you the instructions for the first run. Of course firewalld is running, do not forget to open port 9981 if you want to configure TVheadend over the network.

At first no input was detected at all, although the DVB card was recognised without any errors. Well, not suprised with the trees blocking my satelite dish, some testing later with another setup ( HVR4400 ) prooved there was an issue in my setup. A bit of digging in the manual of Digital Devices brought me to not to rely to much on the shipped driver with a linux distribution. Following their manual switching from dddvb-0.9.33 to dddvb-0.9.37. Setting up TVheadend is not that difficult and most things are documented. A triple head is just a Diseqc switch, what can be done by telling TVheadend the tuner is a 4-port switch and configuring the right networks.

Currently running in test setup with one cable. Last thing was to point my HTS frontend KODI to the new server .... and we are running. Hoping to move the dish soon and connecting all 4 ports.