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Added by Paul Marsh about 2 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I have just registered on these forums because I have spent the past 4 days trying to get TVHeadend to work on my Netgear ReadyNAS server and Kodi clients. With a lot of help from elsewhere I now have UK Freesat channels on the clients with EPG data. To complete the setup though, I really want to incorporate IPTV using my existing m3u playlist.

My Setup: Netgear ReadyNAS 214 with OS v6.10.4 (Hotfix 1) and TVHeadend by ReadyNAS Xtras v4.3-1112-rnx1

The playlist that I am using has 17 channels in it, and works fine in my previous DVBLink setup and VLC player. Most of the channels in the playlist are in the m3u8 format, (I think this might be relevant?). I have put the playlist in my shared documents folder on the ReadyNAS and enter file:///data/Documents/IPTV_Playlist.m3u in TVHeadend Configuration > DVB Inputs > Muxes > Add Mux > URL. I can see the new IPTV one in the list of Muxes, but it fails to scan.

I am wondering if I need to do something different to my playlist file, or store in a particular place on the server, (such as TVHeadend's installation folder). The person who has been helping me so far has TVHeadend running on a RaspberryPi and does not use IPTV.

So, does anyone on here use TVHeadend on a Netgear ReadyNAS and guide me through setting up IPTV - please? !!

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RE: TVHeadend on Netgear ReadyNAS - IPTV Playlist - Added by Fred Fred about 2 years ago

These tabs: Configuration, DVB Inputs, Networks.
Add IPTV Automatic Network

There are a few things you need to add there, network name if you want to create bouqet and how many input streams you can use at any time, my provider only provides 1 but if you are lucky you can have more so you can watch/record at the same time.
The URL should be the path to the file, something like this:

Now... at the bottomb right of the page there are two small up-arrows, this allows you to view the logfile in real time so you can look for any errors there.

Best of luck!

RE: TVHeadend on Netgear ReadyNAS - IPTV Playlist - Added by Paul Marsh about 2 years ago

Thanks for your reply. Your instructions look to be what I was doing before, but I tried again and noticed that I now have the option of adding an "IPTV Automatic Network", whereas previously I'm sure that I could only choose "IPTV Network" (?). The playlist file has 134 entries, and the URL was entered as you have said. Other settings set as per your instructions.

That did not work. I then found that if I placed the same playlist file on Cloud storage externally to my home network and used the URL for that then TVHeadend could see it, so I'm guessing that there might be an issue with permissions when the file is stored on the ReadyNAS? Unfortunately, that is as far as it has got - after forcing a scan, in Configuration > DVB Inputs > Networks I now see:

Network Name: IPTV
Network Discovery: New muxes + changed muxes
Create a bouquet: Ticked
Character Set: AUTO
Muxes: 134
Services: 0
Mapped Channels: 0
Scan Queue: 134

Under Muxes, it has all 134 playlist channels as "Enable (auto)", all are Scan Status "PEND", and Scan Result "NONE". Forcing a channel from "PEND" to "ACTIVE" does not change anything. Under Services I only have the satellite delivered channels, but none of the playlist ones. Under Bouquets, "IPTV" is Enabled.

TBH, whilst it would be nice to get this sorted out, since my first post on here I have found a way to set the Kodi clients to look at the playlist on the external storage and include them in the EPG - which ultimately is what I wanted to achieve!