Channels Missing (Channel 10) From Generic:auto_Australia

Added by Ty Lee 3 months ago


I have installed a new DVB-T card on my Rasbperry Pi.
The card is the VIdeoMate U500 which is natively supported.

I have setup a new network and used the predefined muxes = Generic:auto_Australia
(Also have tried all the other predefined muxes: melbourne, default, etc.)

Then I have scanned all the channels and it has found all the digital channels except for the Channel 10 channels.

Can anyone help me?

I've also tried to find the channel 10 frequencies to map them manually, I've googled: "channel 10 melbourne digital frequency" and all sorts of things like that, but for the life of me can't find the frequencies for channel 10 digital channels... anyone know where I can find these to just manually add them myself?

Thanks for your help!!! :)