Megasat Sat-to-IP Server Twin

Added by Thomas Sweden 7 months ago

Have Megasat Sat-to-IP Server Twin for streaming to Tvheadend since a month ago.
I can't get it to work well, sometimes when starting Live TV or switching channels there is just black picture, and have to do several channel switches or reboot Tvheadend to get picture again.
Have been trying different settings, were the attached setting is the most successful yet.
There is not much information of this sat>ip server on the web, and the Manufacturer couldn't care less to answer my questions abaut the problems I have with the product.

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RE: Megasat Sat-to-IP Server Twin - Added by Ramiro Portillo 4 months ago

Hi Thomas,

I just both a Megasat Sat-to-IP Server Twin. it is on the way.

My idea is similar:

- Megasat Sat-to-IP Server Twin
- Raspi4 Docker running TvHeadend Server
- and have any client TvHeadend Client
Do you already get it work?

The configuration would be similar to any SAT>IP receiver like digibit r1 [[]] or megasat triax 400?

Just an idea.

Let me know, maybe we can help each other.