Editing a Mux or adding a channel - Solved

Added by Greg Browne 3 months ago

For a basic user, my Muxes (Mendip UK) work fine except it leaves out 586MHz (Ch 35) and thus 7 stations. I also have tried using the --Generic--: auto-Default Mux setting but it also leaves out 586MHz and these 7 stations.
I've also tried Configuration - Channel/EPG - Channels - Add but whatever I try, I cannot add 586MHz or just one of the stations. (My ordinary TV does pick up these stations, over the air.)

I've tried following the advice of Peter Maersk-Moller in [[]]

He suggested changing
but my data directory has no dvb-scan folder

Has anyone any ideas as what to try next? I'm a fairly simple user, not a coder.

Pi2 Raspbian TV Hat TVHeadend Build: 4.2.4-dmo1~bpo9+1~rpt1 (2018-09-03T09:06:53+0000)
Debian 9 (Atom) HDHomeRun Dual

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RE: Editing a Mux or adding a channel - Added by Greg Browne 3 months ago

Update: I looked at TVHeadEnd on my Debian 9 Atom computer and the dvb-scan folder does exist. By editing this file and adding the missing Channel 35 mux, I've regained the missing TV Channels. I had to play around with the settings somewhat to get a working version.

RE: Editing a Mux or adding a channel - Added by saen acro 3 months ago

make muxes manually in interface do not change source code of program.

install dvb-apps and dtv-scan-tables

RE: Editing a Mux or adding a channel - Added by Greg Browne 3 months ago

Thanks saen acro, but do you mean the web interface? I thought I tried all sorts of things in the web interface, EDIT: even creating a MUX (586MHZ) but couldn't see a way of using this amended mux list in a scan. Each time I carried out a scan, that newly created MUX disappeared.

I added the following to the Mendip UK Mux, and I got back the channels I wanted, but somehow have messed up the EPG, because I have little idea what all the lines mean. Great learning curve though.

# new channel 35
[C35 BBC B]
FREQUENCY = 586000000
BANDWIDTH_HZ = 8000000

RE: Editing a Mux or adding a channel - Added by Greg Browne 3 months ago

All is sorted now, running and recording properly. I found messing with the muxes was problematic, but then found that Linux TV has more up to date muxes at:

On the RPi, unlike a Debian 9 install, the tables are located at:

  • /usr/share/dvb/

I replaced the whole of the dvb-t directory although I noticed that a new install of TVHeadEnd, on the RPI, had a more up-to-date Mux for Mendip-UK, including the missing channel 35 (edit - 65!) , 586 MHz.

Hope this is useful to some RPi user, left behind by frequency changes. Our next frequency change was due on June 22nd, but has been postponed until a later date, not yet known.