Added by Cathal McDonnell 4 months ago

My first time using TVHeadend (and Linux and Kodi) and I'm having issues with the EPG
I'm using FTA - so like Freesat but a few extra channels - but the best I can get is now and next. I'm coming from Mediaportal and used EPG collector on that and got a full 7 day epg for all channels

The EIT: DVB Grabber and OpenTV: Sky UK are both enabled

Am I missing some step somewhere?


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RE: Sky UK EPG - Added by Dave Pickles 4 months ago

Freesat EPG is carried on transponder 11428H so you need to enable EPG scan for that mux using the "UK: Freesat" grabber.

Full EPG is not available for FTA channels which are not part of the Freesat brand. However for Channel 4 HD and CNN HD it is possible to configure TVH to re-use the EPG for the SD channel.