No DVB-S stream data? VLC reports very low bitrates.

Added by Hugh Phoenix-Hulme 6 months ago


Very weird behaviour on some (FTA) channels.

When I attempt to play the stream in VLC with either pass or htsp profiles, VLC reports "Now Playing" and "Publisher" correctly, the Codec tab of Media Information shows Video, two Audio and one Subtitle stream, but the Video stream shows no Video resolution, Buffer dimensions, Frame rate, Color primaries, etc, etc, and the Audio streams ony have ID, Codec, Language and Type - no Channels, Sample rate or Bits per sample. The Statistics tab shows "Input bitrate" at very low values (103 - 111 kb/s) and "Content bitrate" at about half of that. Meanwhile the Tvheadend web ui Status tab shows bandwidth around 7400 - 9500 kb/s.

Other channels work fine streamed the same way.

Any idea what could be going on?

I installed Tvheadend 2 days ago and the DVB-S receiver yesterday. Everything's been configured from completely clear using the Wizard.

Many thanks