Adding a terrestrial decoder to an exsiting satellite configuration: merging of identical sat and terr channels

Added by Martin Underwood 8 months ago

I've got TVH configured with a PCTV 461e satellite decoder and configured it with all the channels. That works perfectly and has done for a year.

I now want to add a terrestrial decoder (PCTV 291e) to be used as a fall-back in case I want to record two overlapping programmes which are not on the same satellite multiplex.

I imagine if I install the 291 and scan for channels, I'll see a whole load of additional ones, over and above the satellite ones.

What is the best way of merging the ones that are common to both platforms so I see a single channel "BBC 1" and can schedule a recording which will first of all try satellite, but if that decoder is already in use with another recording, will try the terrestrial instead?

I've already renamed the various regional versions of BBC1 and ITV (eg "BBC One Yorks & Lincs" or "ITV Yorkshire (West)") on satellite in case I want an out-of-region local news programme. Should I rename the corresponding terrestrial versions (obviously I'll only have one region, from one transmitter) so they match? Will that make it easier for TVH to match and merge corresponding satellite and terrewstrial versions?

Is there a tutorial the describes how to do this? At my previous house I had two terrestrial decoders working fine together - one could only receive DVB-T and the other could receive DVB-T2 (HD) as well. However that was easier because correspondibg channels, by definition, had the same name - they only difference was that the HD channels were only associated with one decoder whereas the SD ones were assocoiated with two decoders and could be recorded on either.

I imagine I need to allocate priorities on the two decoders so one is always used as first preference - in my case, I'd make satellite the first choice bcause it is less affected by occasional fading and co-channel interference when reception fluctuates.

I'm reluctuant to just "suck it and see", without some prior guidance, because I don't want to bugger up a working satellite-only configuration while trying to add terrestrial ;-)

Has any progress been made with getting TVH to check for clashes at the time of scheduling the recordings, so you get advance warning, rather than finding out at the time of recording that one has failed because of an overlap? I gather there were philosophical "it's too hard" objections when I last proposed this, which completely ignored that fact that competitive packages like NextPVR have solved this problem years ago, and will tell you as you add a recording "This will clash with programme X". I'm not bothered whether in the general case there are problems with doing the check, in the case of IP TV. I'd welcome a clash-detection algorithm, even if its use came with various caveats for situations that wouldn't apply to me.