How are SAT>IP servers identified? Solely by their UUID?

Added by Xavir Decud 10 months ago

Hi all,

I found perhaps something funny concerning the MEG-2000 SAT>IP Server.
I've bought a second one and noticed that according to their Web-UIs both share the same UUID: 1d8667b0-1dd2-11b2-804f-c9486c711ee4
Sniffing the SSDP traffic made clear that indeed both ones broadcast the same.

Is this a violation of the SAT>IP specification?
In my opinion it is.
Megasat states the server would be 'fully compatible'.

I found an ole' thread at Kodi Nerds concerning another Megasat changing its UUID after every reboot.
This is like a car changing its VIN after every time its started.
In my case it is like the car's manufacturer uses the same VIN for every car. ;-)

My Tvheadend server (Version 4.2.8 on a Synology RS124) discovers more or less randomly only one of them but never both and if always offers only two tuners (surely the ones of the server it discovered.)
As the one server worked really well, I would like to use a second one and not buying something other.

Is there a way to tell Tvheadend about the second server manually?
I'd really like to use two Megasats with Tvheadend.

Interestingly I was able to watch four different channels (on different transponders) via VLC.
Although VLC too seems to find only one server.
But this may be accomplished by VLC via the so-called Device-ID of the servers?


P.S. Using one single server with four inputs is not an option as there are two outlets (each with to ports on the switch) at different locations in our flat.