Tips for a stable working DVB-S2 / Raspberry Pi Setup

Added by Char Brandon 10 months ago

This may seem like a silly question, but does anyone have a stable working installation using DVB-S2 tuners with a Raspberry Pi configuration?

I have tried to set up a tvheadend system with a Raspberry Pi 4 and USB based DVB-S2 tuners twice and failed.

After choosing what I thought was good hardware I've struggled to get a successful signal, then after searching forums I've discovered many people are in the same situation and never found a solution. Firstly I have to add that I know I have good signal feeds, been working with a direct connection to a TV with no signal issues ever.

Attempt 1 - Haupagge PCTV 461e (PCTV DVB-S2 Stick). With this the setup I have periodic signal dropouts and isn't acceptable. I'm using the dvb-demod-m88ds3103.fw driver, highlighted in many forums and also linked here (

Attempt 2 - MyGica HD USB Satellite HD. The system does not even recognize this tuner and research on many forums suggest there is no successful Linux driver for this system. I have used this firmware dvb-fe-ds3000.fw

Has anyone had recent success with this adapters? or any other setups giving a solid reliable signal? I can't locate one DVB-S2 tuner that doesn't have reported issues.


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RE: Tips for a stable working DVB-S2 / Raspberry Pi Setup - Added by Dave Pickles 10 months ago

I'm using a 461e with a Raspberry Pi 2 (v1.2) to watch Astra 28.2E.

The only issue I've had is that it only works after a complete cold restart - switching off the power to the Pi and to the 461e then powering up the stick and then the Pi. Restarting TVH or rebooting the Pi any other way gives low signal strength and missing muxes. However I suspect this may be a LNB problem.

Recent models of the 461e have a different chipset. Unfortunately I can't quickly find the discussion of possible workarounds.

RE: Tips for a stable working DVB-S2 / Raspberry Pi Setup - Added by James Beuzeval 7 months ago

I think I might be using the same MyGica DVB-S2 as you with my RPi3. I'm using the HD Star v3 which is poorly supported but works (with the exception of some HD Channels) on the RPi3 using the crazycat drivers plus TVHeadend in an older version of LibreELEC (9.0.2). Sadly this version isn't available for the RPi4.

I've recently purchased an RPI 4 and tried to get the unit working with it in a number of OSs without luck despite losing days trying (I'm not that hot with Linux to be fair) with CrazyCat and V4L builds. I'm admitting defeat for the time being in the hope that when the Linux 5 will fix things.

RE: Tips for a stable working DVB-S2 / Raspberry Pi Setup - Added by Thomas Sweden 4 months ago

No, I just replaced my server with RPI4. I knew it should be demanding.
I'm using OMV and have TVHeadend and Oscam in docker containers, and bought a sat>ip server, Working good when it's working but not stable.
I think my biggest problem is the reliability of the sat>ip server, butbalso somtimes connection between Oscam and Tvheadend drops out.
I've just ordered a better known sat>ip server, Digibit R1, and see if that's the solution.
I'm avoiding usb-tuners since they use more power from the CPU of the RPI (i guess).

RE: Tips for a stable working DVB-S2 / Raspberry Pi Setup - Added by saen acro 4 months ago

Choice some real board
RPi boards have problems with more then one tuners used in same time, cpu throttling, zero horse power.