Authentication issue regarding exported playlist

Added by Andrew Mc about 3 years ago

I'm not quite sure what my issue is. I've installed tvh on a Debian server. I've imported my playlist and have channels and services etc set up. I've tested some of the streams from within the config panel and they seem to work fine.
When I export the playlist via
I get asked for an authentication when I try to play the stream.
When I put a username and password in, it keeps asking for the details to login.
I don't mind this since I plan to access my streams from outside my local network while I'm at work.

I'm also having trouble connecting both Kodi's simple PVR client and TVHeadend client.

I have persistent login enabled on my account also and in have changed the http auth type to digest+plain.

If its possible to use token based authentication, could someone please advise on that also.

I am using the last stable build available on the Debian official repo which I think is 4.3-1855.

I have managed to get tvh to connect to my dvb-s2 card, got the channels in, (freesat), and a few others from a playlist, it just seems to be authentication issues

I appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Authentication issue regarding exported playlist - Added by T Pedersen about 3 years ago

You need a user with persistent authentication for this.

HTTP authentication (digest/plain) http://user:[email protected]:9981/playlist/auth?auth={authcode}
Authcode only http://ip:9981/playlist/auth?auth={authcode} (User without login&password)

This will extract the playlist with authcode embedded.