Help with Tvheadend and minisatip

Added by balanga bar over 4 years ago

I'm trying to configure Tvheadend to use Sat>ip as input.

Is the there a guide/tutorial available?

I've never done this before and am guessing about how to do it - it's not very intuitive...

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RE: Help with Tvheadend and minisatip - Added by Paul Ryan over 4 years ago

I second that!

I'm simply trying to evaluate minisatip on a basic setup - access dvb-s2 tuners on enigma2 (5.2 openvix) in tvh 4.3.x

So far ive worked this much out
  • launch minsatip, this is not as straight forward as it should be, this has worked for me
    ./minisatip -f -D /usr/bin/share/minisatip/html
    my understaing is that you should see minisatip gui running now on the default 8080 port
  • look in tvh, you should see the minisatip tuners - which i do see
  • this is where i get lost as i was able to populate the services ONCE and create a bouquet but could not access the channel.

    Are there additional configuration steps required here ??

Anyone have a set of bullet proof steps to follow they could share ?

RE: Help with Tvheadend and minisatip - Added by Paulo Pais almost 4 years ago

For me , the only way is to start with - "minisatip -N --satip-xml -R /usr/share/minisatip/html"

if start from /etc/init.d/./minisat i cant get channels

RE: Help with Tvheadend and minisatip - Added by Mariusz Białończyk about 1 month ago

I had the same problem - so let me reply...
In order to see the minisatip server in the tvheadend you need to pass additional argument, like this:

./build.linux/tvheadend --satip_xml http://MINISATIP_IP_ADDRESS:8080/desc.xml

After this the minisat IP adapters should be visible in Device configuration; you can enable it, assign a network and use...