Recommended setup for server

Added by Richard Garrard 4 days ago

This is my first post so take it easy on me.

I currently have a Synology DS1812+ running TVHeadend and it works perfect!
But the Synology does not support all the turners I have so I am looking at building a dedicated server.

The reason for this is I have been running Kodi as a front-end (on windows 10) and also use NextPVR on the same media PC and this has not been so stable!

I had a call yesterday from the wife telling me she could not get the football on (as England scored) and if I did not get home and fix it I would be looking for a new wife!
SO ... Anyway ...

The hardware current setup is :
TVHeadend on Synology with a SD DVB-T.
Media PC with NextPVR with A HD DVB-T2 and a HD (4K supported) DVB-S2 Turner.

I really would like to set this up as a stand alone server with all the DVB turners in one server.

The current hardware I have put together is :
KWorld UB499-2T DVB-T2
AFATech AF9033 DVB-T
Astrometa DVB-T2 (Realtek USB interface)
Star DVB-S2
PD14TI Motherboard with Atom D2550

If this is good enough hardware can someone push me in the right direction for the software setup to use, please no windows, something Linux based.