Setup for Ziggo

Added by Ton VH over 5 years ago

Who can help me (using Teamviewer?) to setup with Ziggo?

I have tried using the default settings, changing default settings to what is should be according to Ziggo's website (Freq: 164, Symbol: 6900, 64 Qam) but all that is found see attachment.

TVHeadend is running on a Synology DS418 (RTD1296), TVHeadend 4.2.6-13.

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RE: Setup for Ziggo - Added by Dave Haakenhout about 5 years ago


Do you still have this problem ?

Goto "DVB INPUTS --> NETWORKS --> and then select the pulldown menu for the Ziggo network en select " New muxes + changed muxes " this should work and you should get about 400 services instead of 13 !