Trouble with sat>ip server detection

Added by Pablo Zerón 4 months ago

Since I started to use tvheadend, I have been using a telestar DIGIBIT Twin sat>ip device, tvheadend was able to detect it and show it in the tv adapters section.

But since two days I get this error: "satip: Cannot get Success", and the tv adapters section is empty.

With the --satip_xml option I'm able to use again the sat>ip server.

Somebody can tell me what is wrong in my network or debian system?


http.log - Startup log (111 KB)

description.xml Magnifier - Sat>Ip Description file (1.46 KB)

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RE: Trouble with sat>ip server detection - Added by Tim Bremer 4 months ago

Well, but what's the problem as long as it is working with the --satip_xml option ?
I am using this option 'per default' just to be sure.