Setting up Telestar Digibit Twin

Added by stephen brightwood about 4 years ago

I have just acquired a Digibit Twin SAT>IP and am having some difficulty setting it up.

Let me state firstly though that when I first plugged it in it simply appeared in my DVB list as expected and I set it up and got it running in parallel with my onboard tuner. However when I tried to move over my second feed from the parallel tuner to the Digibit it promptly forgot the Digibit and nothing that I have done since has found it again.

I have found various references to the unit on these forums - but frankly the language been used is Dutch to me. I believe I need to create a specific entry as of TVH_ARGS as described here:

but there is no clear statement of what that entry should consist of. In another place it simply says use an external tool to discover the correct parameters, but then gives no clue what that tool might be. I am am no idiot and have been using Tvheadend for years but frankly this area is chock full of cryptic half references to what you have to do.

Just to complicate matters I am running this on Libreelec on an Amlogic board. I have tested the function of the box using an Android app - which find the box with no issues and detects all channels.

This is the most obscure piece of functionality in Tvheadend - which if it works out of the box is simple - but otherwise its a nightmare for the average user. There is no clear or logical guide explaining what the dozens of parameters are meant to achieve and if you don't know the language frankly you are lost.