RPZW, Kodi, no HD channels and some missing video

Added by Chris Wesley over 1 year ago

Hi folks,

I have a Pi Zero W running Kodi 17.6 I have TVHeadend 4.2.3-20 & LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.112. I have an AUGUST Tuner dongle, and I'm in the UK receiving from Sandy Heath.

First problem is that from mux PSB2 transmitting on 714MHz, I get sound but no picture on Kodi, though it's fine if I click Play on TVH and use VLC to view the ticket link.
I note that these channels transmit in 1.33:1 format - different fgrom thje others. Is that relevant? All MUX settings (which the Wizard st up) look OK.
Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

Second problem is that there are no HDTV channels. The mux at 474.166MHz transmits those. The MUX setup (which came from the wizard) all looks good compared to Ofcom spec. but scans always produce NO DATA, which I assume is why there are no channels listed.

For a brief period before I wiped the SD card to start again HD channels WERE listed, but were never watchable. All evidence is gone now, of course, but that info may help.
Also baffling is why two stock automatic setups gave different results on two successive occasions.

Thanks in hope o some enlightenment.