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Added by uen mentex 9 months ago


I set up tvheadend and I love it!
I have just one last problem.

I am using a iptv provider with vod.
From time to time there are some changes in the channels.

Muxes and services are updated then but i have to manually hit he "map all services" command under the services tab to make them available on my devices.
i am running the environment on my rpi3 but will do it in the future in ubuntu.
Is there a way to "map all services" from commandline?
then I could do a cronjob everyday..

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RE: Automap services - Added by Mark Clarkstone 9 months ago

Why not enable "Create bouquet" for the IPTV network? And then use that bouquet to map the services?

Any changes to the iptv network should be detected (on a reload/refresh) & the bouquet will update the channels to match.

RE: Automap services - Added by uen mentex 9 months ago

I have tried it but do not like that the bouquet was expose to the clients like kodi.
The iptv network provided groups for the channels and i am using that instead

but i just notice that i could activate "internal" within the channel tags.
I guess this could work..
I will try it. Thank you..