IPTV setup for newbies

Added by balanga bar almost 5 years ago

Is anyone aware of any instructions showing how to set up TVheadend to use IPTV? Hopefully something which actually works...

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RE: IPTV setup for newbies - Added by balanga bar over 4 years ago

Thanks... I couldn't make much sense of the tutorial (in German) but managed to paste some links into VLC so some progress has been made, now I need to work out how to integrate them into TVheadend..

RE: IPTV setup for newbies - Added by balanga bar over 4 years ago

A very professionally done guide... just wish I knew how to slow down Youtube :)

RE: IPTV setup for newbies - Added by steve parry over 4 years ago

I cant see how the epg.xml file is used. The video and the instructions dont show anything to do with epg?

Am i missing something?


RE: IPTV setup for newbies - Added by Patrick Aldag over 4 years ago

You can use Webgrab++

I added hts (TVH user) to the sudoers (I don't know if it is really a good idea but it makes some things easier)


  1. User privilege specification
    root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
    hts ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

if you type
sudo passwd -S hts

you will get something like
hts L 12/09/2017 0 99999 7 -1 ; L means locked password
so give hts a new password:

sudo passwd hts

log on as hts

Download webgrab++



tar -zxvf WebGrabPlus_V2.1_install.tar.gz



Rename ini pack and update

mv .wg++/siteini.pack.update .wg++/siteini.pack

configure WebGrab++.config.example.xml

nano .wg++/WebGrab++.config.example.xml

pick your channels from one of the channels.xml /.wg++/siteini.pack/Germany/ and place them in place of dummy entries

(some work - others don't)

save as .wg++/WebGrab++.config.xml

run Webgrab



2. Make the WG++ run script run automaticly with a cronjob (eg. every day at 2:15)

crontab -e

then add next line to that file

15 2 * * * ~/.wg++/

3. Download the tv_grab file for wg++ and save it as /usr/bin/tv_grab_wg++
sudo wget -O /usr/bin/tv_grab_wg++

4. Make the file executable
sudo chmod x /usr/bin/tv_grab_wg+

5. Run the grabber to check if it is working. You should see xmltv data during the run. Be sure that WG++ has already successfully grabbed EPG data.

6. Restart Tvheadend to view and select the new internal grabber: "XMLTV: tv_grab_wg++"

RE: IPTV setup for newbies - Added by steve parry over 4 years ago

Thanks for replying patrick,

But i cant see how this will work my m3u iptv setup. the channels are not named the same as in the content provided by webgrab so it would take a decade to match the 1000's manually.
My iptv provider supplies a xmltv url that matches the channel names I have, so all i need to do is use this xml file. basically the same setup as the english howto link you provided where theses a url for the m3u and another url for the epg.

Surely i just have something like a cronjob setup to download the file and import it into tvheadend? I just cant find any instructions