Channel merging - has it changed?

Added by Paul Thexton about 6 years ago

Hi everyone,

Due to the setup I use to run TVHeadend (ARM Linux on a Zyxel NAS, who do not distribute TVH as a package) i have always run tvheadend compiled directly from source by myself. Long story short, I've been running an extremely old variant of TVHeadend until last night - mainly because the setup I had was working absolutely fine for me and I saw no real reason to update.

I updated last night due to the Kodi 16, installed on a Fire TV, refusing to talk to the older version of TVH.

I've managed to get everything setup easily enough (I really like the Boutique feature for DVB-S! although I've had a lot of channels get duplicated, which I've disabled manually for now).

However, I also run a DVB-T2 stick as well as the DVB-S2 tuner. I used to be able to merge channels together from the channels list in TVH web frontend, but I can't find where the option is to do that. Has the channel merging system been changed/removed? Or is this because I'm compiling directly from 'master' from the git repo?

Any pointers in the right direction greatly appreciated :)

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RE: Channel merging - has it changed? - Added by Paul Thexton about 6 years ago


I'll keep an eye on that thread for a resolution before I put more effort in to this for the time being then, that being said, I still don't see where I would actually add the services to an existing channel, as I mentioned I was running a very old version (built October 2013 !) previously so there are a number of differences in the setup system now to what I'm used to :D