Recording Subtitles

Added by Bob Lightfoot over 7 years ago

I know that the output of my OTA tuner cards {Hauppage 1650 & 1800} includes the OTA subtitle because in mythtv I had subtitles. Yet when I look at the ts streams with ffmpeg there are no subtitles. And they aren't there in kodi either. What have I missed in my tvh config that I am not recording the subtitle stream that was broadcast?

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RE: Recording Subtitles - Added by Ben Fennema about 7 years ago

ATSC I assume? EIA-608/EIA-708 subtitles are encoded in the video and ffmpeg does not report it. Kodi 15 finally added support for displaying them (You have to turn it on globally then enable it for the stream).

See this thread:

RE: Recording Subtitles - Added by Bob Lightfoot about 7 years ago

Found it Kodi-15.0a1-Isengard with tvheadend gives ASTC CC subtitles. You need to enable them under System-Video and then enable them for the channel you're watching. But they work. Topic closed answer found. Thanks to team kodi.