No Web Interface on Arm Device

Added by Robert Brown about 8 years ago

I have compiled tvh from the github sources on an armv7 device running Rawhide and find I am unable to connect with the web interface.
I configure with :
sudo ./configure --enable-libffmpeg_static --disable-dvbscan
and get
checking for cc execinfo.h ... ok
checking for cc -mmmx ... fail
checking for cc -msse2 ... fail
checking for cc getloadavg ... ok
checking for cc atomic64 ... ok
checking for py module gzip ... ok
checking for bzip2 ... ok
checking for pkg openssl ... ok
checking for pkg zlib ... ok
checking for pkg avahi-client ... ok
checking for cc sys/inotify.h ... ok
checking for pkg libcurl ... ok

Using C compiler: cc
Build for arch: armv7l

Using PYTHON: python

cwc yes
v4l yes
linuxdvb yes
dvbscan no
timeshift yes
imagecache yes
avahi yes
zlib yes
libav no
inotify yes
bundle no
dvbcsa no
execinfo yes
getloadavg yes
atomic64 yes
py_gzip yes
bin_bzip2 yes
ssl yes
inotify_h yes

openssl 1.0.1k
zlib 1.2.8
avahi-client 0.6.31
libcurl 7.40.0

When connected with ssh and running Midori on the device I can reach the web interface using localhost:9981 or with but if I try this same ip address from my laptop I get a "cannot connect". Same result from using Firefox, Midori and Chrome and also with Incognito version.
The gcc is version 5.0.0

Seems like something did not install but everything else seems to be working ok. The "About" page does not show a version number though. Any clues on what I might be missing?


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RE: No Web Interface on Arm Device - Added by Robert Brown about 8 years ago

Can anyone suggest how to investigate this?