TVH 3.9 Not Saving Recordings

Added by Jerry Davis almost 9 years ago

I like to live dangerously so use Ubuntu XBMC nightly builds, and Milhouse raspberry pi XBMC builds as clients. On an Ubuntu 14.04 system with stock 3.4(?) TVH server everything worked fine. I then decided to upgrade the server to the latest TVH 3.9.775~gd9d9531~trusty. Everything almost works fine, just recordings now no longer work. XBMC on both systems tell me TVH is recoding something as does the TVH server web page. If I select the alleged recording in "recordings" in XBMC, I get told "DVR entry doors not have a file yet".

Does anyone have any ideas please? Perhaps 3.9 doesn't have access rights to write the recorded file?

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RE: TVH 3.9 Not Saving Recordings - Added by Prof Yaffle almost 9 years ago

Almost certainly the case. Have a look at the log file and see what file it's trying to write, and to where, and then see if the hts user (or however you're running tvheadend) has permissions to write there.