How to avoid annoying flashing overlay probably from EPG?

Added by Karsten Böttjer 2 months ago


I spent a couple of hours to understand and configure TV channels on Kodi's IPTV addon and preferably on TVheadend and it looked pretty good.
Maybe I changed an option somewhere, but I don't know what it was. After all suddenly annoying overlays appear in the lower right corner on some TV channels I use with TVheadend. If I use the same stream with the Kodi IPTV PVR addon, these flashing info boxes would not appear. In most cases the box wants to tell me what's next on the program, so I think this might come from EPG.

In most cases it happens with those streams which load chunks for only a couple of seconds. Then the overlay box appears and disappears within only a few seconds which is really annoying.

Anyone got an idea how to turn this "feature" off?

You might see this on the animated GIF here. It happens also with ABC News, CBSN and many others, but not all channels.

Kodi 19.5.0 runs on a RasPI 4 under latest version of LibreElec 10.0.4.
TVheadend Server 4.2 and TVheadend HTSP client

EPG screen.gif (1.64 MB) EPG screen.gif Annoying overlay flashing