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Added by Dave H 6 months ago

I have a dumb TV with HDMI inputs. I have a TV tuner card in a PC and I run TVH to record programs from the tuners. I can watch the recorded TV programmes on my PC using VLC or Kodi. But to watch them on my TV screen I need something to bridge the gap.

For the past four years I've been using an Amazon Fire TV. I NFS-exported the recorded programmes from my PC. I installed Kodi on the Fire TV and it all worked :) We don't use it a lot, just to play backup recordings via Kodi (our main recordings are on a separate PVR) and occasionally to play things through the BBC iPlayer.

But now the Fire TV has died, or at least its remote has according to Amazon. They say I can buy a replacement remote at a discount or wait a month or two and get a new version of the whole product for less money on Prime Day.

But I wonder whether there are any alternatives that will do the same job - run Kodi with NFS files and run Firefox with iPlayer to stream programmes? And be operated by a simple remote.

edit: Just to add - I use wired Ethernet. I try not to use Wi-Fi.

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RE: Hardware for Kodi - Added by Steve Reid 5 months ago

If wifi wasn't a problem I'm having great success with the new google tv chromecast. The android TV experience is cool, but it runs kodi well. I also have a mecool km2 that's not as fast or nice as the google tv. Wired ports on these devices are usually 100mb so wireless is much faster.