Trakt Scrobbling

Added by Gary Ellis 22 days ago


I've got tvheadend to record shows in the file format "<tv show name>/<tv show name>-<s01e02>.ts". I was hoping that the trakt plugin would be able to use this filename to scrobble and remember what I watch. It's not working. I think the issue is that the tvheadend plugin is streaming the content and not using the filename, so the trakt plugin can't detect it.

Does anyone know any workarounds to get Kodi/tvheadend/trakt working together? I can only think of adding the folder containing my recording as a share to Kodi and bypassing the tvheadend plugin. I assume there's not enough demand to integrate a trakt scrobbler into the tvheadend plugin and my technical skills aren't up for the challenge.

Thanks for the great work though!