TVHeadend recordings unavailable after computer reboot

Added by Pierre Isabelle 4 months ago

Hello all,

My tvheadend server is working fine except for one issue: whatever recordings I made during a session are no longer visible after a computer reboot. They are missing from both the KODI TV recordings list and the "Finished recordings" tab in the TVH web interface.

The recordings can be accessed fine until the reboot happens. After the reboot, the recorded files remain in my "recordings" folder but tvheadend do not see them as recordings.

The following error is reported in the kodi log:

11:38:21.183 T:139820034680576 NOTICE: PVR Manager: Starting 11:38:21.271 T:139819095156480 NOTICE: PVR Manager: Started 11:38:21.273 T:139820043073280 NOTICE: EPG thread started 11:38:21.299 T:139818960938752 ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - Command getDiskSpace failed: Unable to stat path 11:38:21.299 T:139818960938752 ERROR: GetDriveSpace: Add-on 'Tvheadend:' returned an error: server error 11:38:21.643 T:139819078371072 ERROR: /storage/.kodi/addons/script.tvguide/ UnicodeWarning: Unicode unequal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode - interpreting them as being unequal if row['value'] != addon.getSetting(key): 11:38:28.659 T:139820026287872 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting 11:39:56.194 T:139820333385856 ERROR: Previous line repeats 1 times. ​​​​​​​11:39:56.194 T:139820333385856 NOTICE: Samba is idle. Closing the remaining connections

The full kodi log is available at

Setup details:

  • KODI 18.0 under Libreelec 9.00 (generic.x86_64)
  • TvHeadend 4.2.7-44 running on the same computer (a Chromebox)
  • In the TVH recording profile:
      - recording folder is set to a /var/media/XBMC-BOXEE/recordings, which refers to a place on an SD card on the same computer;
      - DVR file retention is set to 'Forever'

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.