Pi TV Hat Channel issues

Added by M M 2 months ago

Hey Guys,

I'm running a Pi TV hat on a Rasperry Pi 3 with Librelec installed. I'm finding that channels are reporting "tvheadend htsp client no signal" when trying to watch when watching TV with the same aerial shows the channels fine. I read somewhere that disabling signal monitoring could help this issue but I am unable to find that setting in TVheadend (4.2). Has anyone else come across this issue? Apologises in advance if it's already been covered.



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RE: Pi TV Hat Channel issues - Added by Rocus van Oosten 5 days ago

Although I am new to tvheadend, I offer a suggestion. I just installed Pi TV Hat and noticed that my antenna apparently does not get power over the TV HAT connection. I used this antenna with a dreambox with a DVB receiver and a led on the antenna suggested a small antenna amplfier. In my case the transmitter is not far away and I have no problems receiving a good signal (I have not found a monitor for this signal on the tvheadend webpage). Ihave found on ebay antenna's with also an usb connection suggesting it gets its power from the usb connection. Maybe you can try such an antenna.