XBMC PVR, tvheadend quality of stream

Added by Magnus Ottosson almost 11 years ago


I'm using the xbmc pvr builds from as client. Sometimes my bandwidth is not enough on my server and I get a choppy image. I thought that the htsp protocol would lower the quality of the stream so that you could stream without choppiness even in low bandwidth situations?

I can see that when I setup the tvheadend client in xbmc it connects to http://server:9981/. Does this mean that it does not use the htsp protocol?

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RE: XBMC PVR, tvheadend quality of stream - Added by Tomas Matejicek over 10 years ago

The http at the beginning of the address has IMHO nothing to do with the transfer protocol.
However I would also love to know if (and how) is it possible to set stream quality for slower connections.