kodi freezes crashes after leia v18

Added by Riku B 2 months ago

I have androidtv box, it has been workin long time with 17.8 without problems.
as now came the new update 18.0 i started have this buggy freezes.
i dont know is this a kodi or tvheadend plugin issue??

Watching recordings commercial EDL skip is not working as suppose to. it freezes every time when this happens, first 1-2 commercials it survive but on 3. and beyond it just hangs, only way is kill kodi and restart watch.
also skipping not working as intended anymore, when it skip after second time it will go back to first spot :D i need to investigate this more..

anyone else having this same issues? main is tvheadend put kodi on freeze when watching recording, sometims also fastforward/rewind also does freeze for like 5sec.. all this started to happen with new 18 update.

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RE: kodi freezes crashes after leia v18 - Added by Riku B about 2 months ago

now with 18.1

it still freezes even more, when recording end it will freeze. or when edl is at end of file freeze. most of the time when im watching recordings i manage watch them but it freezes for sure 80% of the time in middle of edl or at end. dunno if this is plugin issue or kodi issue