TVHeadend not recording

Added by Albert Einstein 5 months ago

because i locked myself out from TVH-Server - and some other little issues - i decided to do a clean LibreElec install. So i installed via memory stick, installed "tvheadend" and "tvheadend client" from official libreelec-repo and configured tvh to work with my dvb-s-card. Watching TV works nicely, including timeshift, but i am not able to record anything: planned recording timers (via EPG) are deleted just before the planned start, even instant-recordings do not work. They are either instantly declared as "finished" or "deleted" an no files are available in the recordings-section of kodi. Where should i start to hunt down the problem?

libreelec 8.2.5
TVHeadend 4.2.6-7

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RE: TVHeadend not recording - Added by Hiro Protagonist 4 months ago

It might be worth doing 'tail -f /var/log/syslog' [depending on where your TVH logs are going] during the time you have a recording scheduled.

RE: TVHeadend not recording - Added by Albert Einstein 4 months ago

Okay, i found the problem: there was no "recordings"-Folder to save recordings in, i had to create it manually. that works fine no, but now i´ve got another problem: media Center doesn´t wake up from suspend for scheduled Recordings...… but i´m working on it :-) .