Recording crashing when pausing live tv

Added by Marv S about 1 year ago


I have a strange problem and can't really figure out what's causing it.

So I'm using Kodi as frontend and add a recording for some tv show via Tvh webUI or Kodi itself (doesn't matter).
Then I'm watching the specific channel (live tv) and pause somewhere when the before added recording is running aswell.
When trying to resume the timeshifted recording after some time, the 'real' recording just stops and I also can't resume the timeshifted recording.
So I lose all progress from the moment I pause live tv.

This only happens completely random and only when watching the also being recorded tv show via live tv.

Someone got an idea what may be the issue here?

Using 4.2.5-3
Live tv via HTSP
Matroska for recordings.