tvh2kodi addon - configure tvheadend from kodi interface

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tvh2kodi addon

The tvh2kodi addon allows you to configure tvheadend settings from within the kodi interface. This addon can be used in place of the tvh web interface for basic settings. For beginners there is a wizard to get your adapters up and running.

As this is the initial release please provide feedback on issues and things you would like to see developed.
Also, this is just a hobby and I am still learning so please bear with me as I continue to work on it. This includes writing up any instructions necessary based on initial feedback.

Source code is here: [[]]
Releases are here: [[]]

v1.8 (2017-07-26)
  • add support for IPTV Networks
  • fix error in muxes when 0 muxes available
  • Contains the unreleased v1.7 and v1.6 updates
    - add support for Tvh username-password
    - add backup and import of tvh userdata
    - add channel icon reset option
v1.5 (2017-07-14)
  • add progress bar for internal epg grab
  • add base tvh config parameters (set dvb scan files and channel icon paths)
v1.4 (2017-07-10)
  • fix adapter network issue
  • add multiple network support to adapter
  • allow custom Tvh server ip to be recalled
v1.3 (2017-07-08)
  • added support for DVB-S muxes
v1.2 (2017-07-08)
  • fix error in network parameters load
  • fix wrong epg parameter selection
v1.1 (2017-07-07)
  • adds function to trigger OTA and internal EPG grabbers
v1.0 (2017-07-06)
  • initial release
  • not all international tuner/network types are implemented yet (DVB-S, ISDB, IPTV settings not supported)
  • tvheadend server can be local or on network
  • wizard should only be run on a new system that has not been configured
  • developed and tested on LE based system - other OS may work as well

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