Kodi16 frontend disconnect

Added by Alex Commerce over 5 years ago

I have 2 Kodi front-ends serviced by a backed. All 3 are running off Pi3s. What I'm noticing is that after some time has passed, I'll go to play a recording from the recordings list and the "working" box will come up in the lower right hand corner, but it won't play. Eventually it times out, or I can press "Stop" and it gives me control back in the menu. I will then be unable to play the show I just tried to play (selecting the show no longer brings up the "working" box). If I select another show it plays right away. I can then stop that show, select the one I wanted originally and it will now play immediately. My guess is that some kind of session timeout is occurring and the connection is being severed at the server level. All boxes are wired connections, and at least 1 frontend is on the same switch as the backend, so I do not believe it is network-related. I could not find any settings in the server configuration or user configuration related to session time limits.

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RE: Kodi16 frontend disconnect - Added by Josh Crosby over 5 years ago

I have had this issue before, but it was a little different. I would playback a recording and then after a while of playing it would cut off and give me the disconnect message. I'm not sure what I did really to fix it, as I followed your instructions to set mine up. Do you have the backend/switch set to manual from your router instead of DHCP? Not sure that would be causing an issue but just a thought.

The other thing I did was buy one of these for my backend:

I read into a lot about how the ethernet connection on all the Pis is throttled because it shares a bus, and that ethernet adapter is full USB 3.0 and supports gigabit. People ran tests and it had much better connection speeds through the adapter than the built-in ethernet.