which CableCARD reader ?

Added by Pedro Pena almost 8 years ago

I'm running ubuntu server 12.04
3.2.0-54-generic-pae #82-Ubuntu i386

I have a Hauppauge 2250 dual tuner card hooked into cable tv

I can view and record all of the analog non-premium channels with tvheadend but since the digital non-premium HD channels are encrypted I can't view them.
I want to rent a CableCARD from my cable provider and set it up with a usb cablecard reader and tvheadend.

I can find lots of information on decrypting satellite streams but after searching through the forum for days I can't seem to find anything conclusive on decrypting cable tv (although this can be because all this is new to me).

Can tvheadend decrypt the digital non-premium channels(that are copy freely according to my cable provider) via my tuner card with a usb cardreader and a CableCARD?
If so, is there a particular card reader I should use?
Can tvheadend handle an multiple stream CableCARD?