capmt or other?

Added by s. steve about 9 years ago

Hi, I use tveheadend with DVB-T card for record free dvb broadcast and use serviio to access recorded files from my Samsung TV. Now, I'd like to use crypto card that I can record scrambled channels. It is legal because I have original crypto card. My DVB card have an built in CI/CAM interface with Conax module what need to my crypto card. My card is an TechnoTrend TT-buget card with CI interface.

I use opensuse 12.1 x86_64 and system recognize the card with built in CI interface and it load all kernel modules. If I run gnutv -cammenu it listed my crypto card datas. Tvheadend can scan multiplexes and services but did not mapping channels because did not descrambling.

I know that tvheadend can not use directly built in CI/CAM interface but I read that tvheadend has an "softcam descrambling". I found that I need to use and CCcam. Is it true or I'm wrong?

I tried compile capmt_ca.c but I have an segmentation fault error when I try to load it.

Can someone help me? Thanks.