Canal digital (sweden) and Firedtv dvb-s2

Added by Max Eriksson over 10 years ago

Hi All,

I just found Tvheadend and it seems that Tvheadend as a backend and xbmc as a front end is a match made in heaven (for me at least). I'm currently using xbmc for downloaded movies and tv shows and Windows Media Center for live tv (using a Firedtv dvb-s2 card and a Canal Digital subscription and card).

I totaly new to linux but I've managed to install Ubuntu 10.10 and I got Tvheadend up and running and scanning my channels. But I can't view any channesl since they are scrambled. I understand that I must use some kind of cam software like oscam or similar.... but I don't know where to begin... :(

Could someone point me in the right direction regarding installing and configuring the required software (and new hardware?), that I need to get Tvheadend working with a legal Canal Digital Satelite subscription/card in sweden?