Unscrambling iptv channels with TVheadend?

Added by Anonymous about 9 years ago

Hey guys.

Im currently waiting for my Pi to arrive.. So i was wondering if there were any chance that i could unscramble the protected channels i recieve from my tv network provider (iptv) with raspbmc and TVheadend?

I am expecting my iptv connection to be up and running in a month (fullrate), so i wanted to get ahead, and check out if this was possible.

Sure i could just watch tv via the tv box they provide, but it cannot record from the box, So i wanted to use the Pi for this.

I have heard about a project called Astra on github that should be able to do something like that, but its a russian site so im not sure its usable in Denmark.

What are my options?

Thanks for your time Guys..:)