Can i use 1 CAM to descramble/pair with more than 1 Tuner.

Added by David Martins 17 days ago

Hello everyone i have 1 Octo Tuner TBS-6909X and i'm looking to know if i can use more than 1 adapter to pair with de CI CAM with the octo inputs instead of just one ?

For example i watch a channel in frequency x and my wife watch channel in frequency Y wish is on a other tuner mapped frequency does the CI module allow to map for more than one tuner only ?


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RE: Can i use 1 CAM to descramble/pair with more than 1 Tuner. - Added by Maurine Mendez about 1 hour ago

The Octo Tuner TBS-6909X has eight inputs, each of which can be connected to a satellite feed. It is possible to use more than one adapter to pair with the CI CAM with the Octo inputs, but it depends on the specific configuration and compatibility of the devices you are using.

In general, the CI module is designed to work with a single tuner at a time, meaning that you would typically only be able to use one CAM to descramble/pair with one tuner. However, some CAMs and tuners may support multi-tuner configurations, which would allow you to use a single CAM to descramble multiple channels from multiple tuners.

To determine whether your specific setup supports multi-tuner configurations, you should consult the documentation for your Octo Tuner and CI CAM, as well as any additional adapters you are using. You may also want to contact the manufacturer or a technical support representative for assistance with configuring your devices for optimal performance.