Oscam won't descramble new adapters

Added by Shijune Khan 8 days ago

Hello guys,

I'm having a bit of problem maybe you can help...

I'm running TBS MOI V streamer with 4xTBS6205 and 2xTBS6904 cards.

Before problem started i had 2xTBS6205 and 2xTBS6904 cards with latest build of OSCAM, all worked excellent oscam worked with TvHeadend and descramble both DVB-C and DVB-S
tuners with no problem

when i added the 2 more DVB C cards (because i was short on tuners for the DVB C provider) and enabled them through TvHeadend, OSCAM won't descramble the DVB C streams at all... when i'm disabling again the new cards all work again...

in OSCAM already change #define_max_demux to 64 but still dont help...

OSCAM is working well, ECM found and everything, but with the extra adapters enabled TvHeadend only give errors in Status-->Subscriptions

Please help!


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RE: Oscam won't descramble new adapters - Added by saen acro 8 days ago

With conection type used to connect TVH to Oscam?