Cannot get newcs to work

Added by Ulf Larsson over 9 years ago

Hello ppl,

I'm setting up Tvheadend with a TBS DVB-S 6984 card on Ubuntu 12.04. That is all working nicely. But when connection to a newcs 1.67 server things go wrong. The newcs server is working fine with various sat receivers like Dreambox and Miracle box. But when I try to connect from Tvheadend I get this message:

Jun 06 09:53:26 cwc: Attemping to connect to
Jun 06 09:53:27 cwc: Connected to
Jun 06 09:53:27 cwc: Wait login response: Read error (header): Connection reset by peer
Jun 06 09:53:27 cwc: Disconnected from

I've been using the 2.12 version from the web page and also downloaded and compiled the source code. Same problem with both.

Anyone with any idea of what to do?