tvheadend and sasc-ng

Added by Andre H. over 9 years ago


first, i like tvheadend very much.
But why is the virtual device sasc-ng not working? My last tvrecorder was mythtv using sasc-ng for descrambling german cable tv (grundverschlüsselt). It was working fine, but now I want to use xbmc and tvheadend.
I´m trying for about 2 weeks to set up a tvheadened + oscam + cccam, theadend + cccam.socket or tvheadend + camd3 system for descrambling, but nothing works :-(.
So for my opinion it would be the easist way that tvheadend would support sasc-ng ;-).
Is there no way?


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RE: tvheadend and sasc-ng - Added by Andreas Smas over 9 years ago

A lot of people use Tvheadend with oscam and it seems to work just fine. There must be something wrong with your setup.
But since you've provided no logs or any other diagnostic output it's a bit hard to tell.

The sasc-ng virtual dvb devices is just an ugly hack and nothing I want to support.

RE: tvheadend and sasc-ng - Added by Hein Rigolo over 9 years ago

the sasc-ng does not work very wel together with lots of EIT scan and other DVB-SI tables. It works reasonable well with just plain video and audio PID's and filtering.
Because tvheadend is doing a lot of scans using the dvb-si information contained in the dvb datastream it does not work good in combination with tvheadend.

also you are cascading oscam and cccam together ... you get the best result with just tvheadend and OScam and let OScam read you smartcard directly.


p.s. Andreas .. what might be an idea is implement something similar as the dvb-api solution for VDR that you can find here:

RE: tvheadend and sasc-ng - Added by davy moi over 9 years ago

Yes, Implementing a vdr-plugin-dvbapi like solution would be great ! In case of cards with long ECM, we are unfortunatly not able to use TVheadend because they are not supported by newcamd protocol & CWC...
Thank for your help.

RE: tvheadend and sasc-ng - Added by Frans Rampen over 9 years ago


As the project is now actively developed; are there any plans to add dvbapi support? This would mean i can get back to tvheadend instead of VDR!!
the sas-ng plugin does not update my cards at all...