Descrabling options

Added by R Maxwell 8 months ago

Im completely new to unscrambling so sorry for stupid questions.
Id like to be able to decode Fransat which uses a CI+ module
there is a CI slot in the TV, I assume this only works for programmes received direct by the TV ?

If I want to decode Fransat, what do I need to do in terms of hardware or software, perhaps its not even possible ?

Any help welcome

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RE: Descrabling options - Added by Robin Brouwer 8 months ago

I believe you need a smargo cardreader, a smartcard, which can be inserted into that reader, and of course tuners. Software wise you need Oscam with complete and proper configuration for Fransat, including some well hidden keys.

No guarantees on that advise; I do not have Fransat, so do research your options!

RE: Descrabling options - Added by R Maxwell 8 months ago

Hope I won’t need it, from what I can see there is a multistream unencrypted on eutelsat 5wb of the channels I need. Hopefully i can get it working.