TVheadend connected to OSCAM, but not working

Added by Mad Max about 1 year ago


TVHeadend installed and up-to-date (HTS Tvheadend 4.2.9~pre+201911151752-0~built202006011817~git5bdcfd8~ubuntu20.04.1), OSCAM installed (OSCam: 1.20_svn Build: r11582), set the CA in TVheadened (Oscam net protocol rev >=10389),, port 9010).

In OSCAM live log I see that it's connected perfectly:
2020/08/10 06:51:50 41E4821B c (dvbapi) Client connected: 'Tvheadend 4.2.9~pre+201911151752-0~built202006011817~git5bdcfd8~ubuntu20.04.1' (protocol version = 2)

And nothing happen after this point.
When I try to open a channel, TVHeadend not send any request to OSCAM.

What should I do?
I don't have any ideal.