here is the EMM Feeder

Added by jacob larry almost 11 years ago

few week ago, i say will release my Emm feeder enyoee

support ppc, mips,x86

Support Nag3 ,NDS
tESTED in NA Charlie,betty,Timofonica,Chaves,sky B*,SkyM,DTV latino Joker.

tested in dreambox 500s,7020,7025

how to install:
1. extract fsef.ppc and fsef.conf

2. configure fsef.conf properly

3. rename fsef.ppc to fsef

4. copy fsef and fsef.conf to /var/bin (using a FTP client)

5. Telnet in to the DB and set execution rights to the fsef binary (chmod 755 /var/bin/fsef)

6. to make it auto-start, create a new cam in PLi cam management, this way (using telnet):
a. echo "2.06" > /var/etc/plimgr/cams/fsef
b. after the previous command, in the softcam management menu of PLi, "fsef-2.06" will appear in the cams list.
c. select fsef-2.06 and save. this will make fsef autostart when the db boots up.

7. now we must make the dreambox tune to a valid channel with signal after boot up, for fsef to be able to
receive emm's without the need to tune manually.

a. in the bouquet view, select any channel (that has good signal quality). press the MENU button and in the 
appearing menu select "Set as startup service".
b. IMPORTANT, now you MUST "Shutdown" your db using the Shutdown menu (do not unplug the db or "Restart" Engima),
otherwise the configuration won't stick.
c. After it shuts down, unplug the dreambox.

8. upon boot up, the dreambox should start fsef automatically, tune to the selected channel, and now you should
be able to go to the fsef webif: http://<your_dreambox_ip>:671

9. in the home page of the fsef webif, you must confirm that "EMM's Processed" is incrementing every time
the page is refreshed. this indicates that fsef is working properly. if this number stays at zero or static,
there's a problem and fsef is not receving stream information.

10. go to the "statistics" page and verify that all cards are connected (green).

11. the db must be ON all the time, and dedicated to just emm feeding.

12. done.