HDHR Prime only local channels

Added by Ressler Khan 5 months ago

Hello everyone,,,
I am using HDHR Prime with cable card and TVheadend on QNAP ARM (TS-212), TVH_Dev_HDHomerun_0.6.1_arm-x19, and TVHeadend_0.7.5_arm-x19 QPKGs and am able to view local channels and record with no problems.
However, I am unable to view normal cable channels (ex. Discovery) via TVHeadEnd. I noticed there was a patch from villy about the same issue, but am wondering if the version of TVH_Dev_HDHomerun I am running contains this patch?

I can see from the HDHR utilities that my cable channel scans are not "protected" (see below)
Tuner 1 Status
Virtual Channel 120 Discovery East
Frequency 417.000 MHz
Program Number 135
Authorization subscribed
CCI Protection unrestricted
CGMS Protection n/a

Modulation Lock qam256
PCR Lock locked
Signal Strength 99% (-0.9 dBmV)
Signal Quality 100% (36.8 dB)
Symbol Quality 100%

Streaming Rate 5.011 Mbps
Resource Lock

Can someone point me in the right direction on where I need to update my setup?
thanks in advance