HEIN: Can you help us here? : Tvheadend, OScam, C*nax - why is it not working?

Added by Anders R over 9 years ago

Hello fellow tvheadend - users.
I am desperately trying to get my tvheadend / xbmc / IPTV setup working again.
It used to work with tvheadend 2.12 and NewCs 1.67, but something seems to have been changed in the stream, and I can no longer decrypt the encrypted streams.

The setup:
Tvheadend 2.12 and Tvheadend git-d5e3221
Norwegian (Telenor) IPTV solution (h264, HE-AAC, multicast, rtp)
Conax encryption, CAID 0b04
CAS5 card, not paired
OsCam 1.00-unstable_svn, build #4761 i686
Oscam can read the card OK, sees the entitlements etc, tvheadend connects and communicates with the server, but I can not decrypt.
From what I read in the logs, it seems TvHeadend is omitting the serviceid / programid in the request?
I have a couple of earlier threads regarding this problem, but have not found a solution. (
I have included here a raw dump of the channel I'm testing on (viasat4), my configs and log.
I really hope someone can help me solve this, or at least give me a hint as to why i won't work.
Here is the service infofrom tvHeadend:
PID Type Details
1002 H264
3002 AACnor
7660 CA0xb04 (0x0b04) [0x00000000]

A. Riise

tvheadend.log (3.28 KB) tvheadend.log Debug log from TvHeadend (37.4 MB) Raw dump of program stream
oscam.conf (1.22 KB) oscam.conf
oscam.server (678 Bytes) oscam.server
oscam.user (554 Bytes) oscam.user
oscam.log (6.05 KB) oscam.log

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RE: Tvheadend, OScam, C*nax - why is it not working? - Added by Ivan C Myrvold over 9 years ago

I have the same setup, C*nax card with IPTV from Telenor, using Oscam, and have met the same roadblock as Anders.
I add my log files to this thread too, if that can help.
I am also very eager to get this solved, and will be very happy to try out things that can clear this up.

tvheadendlog (3.13 KB) tvheadendlog tvheadend log
OscamLog (9.82 KB) OscamLog oscam log