How to create Network and Muxes if using CAPMT

Added by Murshed Khan over 2 years ago


I am lost in nowhere, trying to use TVH CAPMT.
I got a connection (dont know the exact Term to use here, sorry) from OSCAM (Virmin, cable). I searched google/forum and I could connect the TVH to OSCam using DVBApi. You can see the image (and log) that TVH is connected to oscam. Now I need to do the network/mux/mapping....

But I dont see any option to do that (attached).
You can see adapter page is empty and I cant do the network and mux as well (because i dont see any relevant options over there.
Most probably I am missing something.

Can anyone please tell me what I am missing or what I should do now, so that I can watch TV using capmt.
This is for my learning purpose and any help would be grately appreciated.


2 oscam.png (14.9 KB) 2 oscam.png from oscam, shows tvh is connected
3 adapters.png (33.3 KB) 3 adapters.png Adapter page (no adapter)
1 tvh connected.png (76.3 KB) 1 tvh connected.png TVH log
4 add iptv network.png (49 KB) 4 add iptv network.png trying to add network (no relevant info)