Descrambling COMHEM digital channels (DVB-C)

Added by Elias David 11 months ago

There are some digital channels that are not encrypted but also many that are encrypted.

The constellation for the encrypted ones is QAM/256.

One can purchase the channels through a package, through a COMHEM-MODULE and then a card in the module. I believe the codes would be contained therein.


These channels comes from the wall at home, so I think they should be encrypted the same for all customers, and not unique for us, although I have no idea. It's possible it's per user, since they would continue to be available otherwise if one terminates the subscription.

1. Is there a way to crack this code? I've seen some websites, but nothing for COMHEM SWEDEN.
2. Is some USB TV based TV module that works with TVHeadend that can get the decryption keys from this module, like my TV obviously can?

What solutions are there for this?

I appreciate your thoughts.